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YNAB for Beginners with Coach Joe

Working with Financial Documents

What is included?

This course has been developed using the experiences and needs of past clients. I offer the class regularly but limit attendees. The course includes the following.

  • Four one-hour webinars, including time for questions and answers (recorded for those unable to attend)

  • Google Classroom site that will include resources and how-to videos on the topics discussed during the webinars

  • Two 45-minute one-on-one sessions to be used for reteaching and coaching.

Next Course Dates

Stay tuned for the next course release!

Topics Covered

  • Creating Category Groups

  • Creating Categories

  • Adding/Changing/Snoozing Targets

  • Adding Accounts

  • Assigning Money

  • Adding Transactions

  • Adding Credit Cards

  • How Credit Cards Work

  • How to Handle Underfunding/Overspending

  • Reconciliation

  • End-of-Month Cadence

Credit Card

Samir, Georgia

"This course was an incredible introduction to YNAB! I started the course with no experience building a budget and ended the course feeling very comfortable creating and managing my budget. I now feel confident using YNAB as a tool to have more control over my finances."

Will, Idaho

"Joe is an excellent YNAB coach. Coming from another budget software system I had some understanding but not the specifics of the YNAB system. Joe was able to clearly explain the system and get me started budgeting."

Annabell, Georgia

“As a recent college graduate entering my professional career, this course has prepared me to effectively manage my finances. Joe is committed to making sure he answers all of his clients questions, and I greatly appreciate that about him. I highly recommend this course with Joe. Thank you, Joe!”
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